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Akshaya Trutiya on 4/24/2012

Significance of Akshaya Trutiya
by Lalita Dileep

"Akshaya Trutiya" is an auspicious day for Hindus. It falls during the months of April-May which according to Hindu Almanac is the third lunar day or Shukla Paksha. As per the planetary positions, both sun and moon remain in exaltation and at the peak of brightness.

Legend of Akshaya Trutiya
Several legends have been associated with the auspicious day of Akshaya Trutiya. According to Hindu mythology, the day of Akshaya Trutiya marks the commencement of "Satya Yuga" or "Golden Age". Another story suggests that on Akshaya Trutiya, both Veda Vyasa and Lord Ganesh started writing the epic Mahabharata. Mother Ganges, the sacred river imagined as the holy Goddess also descended on earth on the day of Akshaya Trutiya. According to the scriptures of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna presented the Pandavas with an Akshaya Patra, a container that supplies unlimited food on this propitious occasion. Krishna's poor friend Sudhama received his boon on Akshaya Trutiya. It is also considered the birth date of Lord Parashurama who happens to be one of the ten Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

"Akshaya" is a Sanskrit word meaning never diminishing or inexhaustible. The festival puts forth a belief in the almighty that any undertaking, any meaningful venture or good deed will bring back more of the same to the devotee in terms of success and prosperity. Buying and wearing jewelry made of gold is an important aspect of the day and is known to invite Devi Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth into the households.

Akshaya Trutiya Special Pooja:
Devotees who would like to request a Pooja to be performed in their family's name on this auspicious day, please e-mail us your Name, Star and Gothra or contact Sri Karthik Natarajan at 260-442-9073 for more information.
If unable to attend in person please provide your mailing address in the email and Archana Prasad will be sent via USPS mail. Recommended Donation: $25

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